23 January 2009

Kummin hit och kummin dit

Confusion with other spices

Cumin is hotter to the taste, lighter in colour, and larger than caraway (Carum carvi), another umbelliferous spice that is sometimes confused with it. Many European languages do not distinguish clearly between the two. For example, in Czech caraway is called 'kmín' while cumin is called 'římský kmín' or "Roman caraway." The distinction is practically the same in Hungarian ("kömény" for caraway and "római kömény" [Roman caraway] for cumin). In Swedish, caraway is called "kummin" while cumin is "spiskummin", spis meaning "stove".

Källa: http://en.wikepedia.org


Jag ska ju inte bränna mitt eget brännvin precis. Bara krydda ett kok på grönsaker, harissa och saffran.

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